Striking Clocks For Your Home

When it comes to styling your home with those essential items, it can be easy to overlook the possible decorative opportunites that the humble clock can offer. If you’re looking for a feature wall clock that will act as a focal point for a room, there are so many designer clock options available that will fit right in with your existing decor. We’re embracing the latest in clock designs here at Black By Design and want to share with you our top picks from our clocks department to give you some timekeeping inspiration!

Our clocks department includes wall clocks, alarm clocks and mantel clocks of all sizes. Whether you like large numbers for a bold look or prefer a more subtle numerical finish, we’ll have something to appeal to your tastes. At Black By Design we specialise in Scandinavian inspired pieces and the Scandi style is definitely present throughout this clock styling guide!

The copper homeware trend may have died down a little, making way for metals such as brass and gold to take their turn in popularity, but copper clocks are unique looking pieces that will no doubt stand the test of time! A rich depth of colour such as copper means that it’s so easy to style when it comes to hanging up the copper clock in a home and finding accessories to further coordinate the look of the room. Copper clocks provide a contemporary feel and can be the perfect way to incorporate the copper trend into your home.

A copper wall clock would work perfectly in any room of the home, from an office to the kitchen, such is it’s undeniable versatility! From the golden copper to a more rose gold hue, there’s a wonderful spectrum of colour to work with that will look fantastic with many colour palettes.

There are a number of copper clocks from designer clock brand Newgate that feature copper outer edges with white or black dials, or the copper wall clock from Umbra (above) which offers a complete copper look with elegant black metal hands. Placed against a white wall, the copper clock from Umbra really stands out and brings an understated yet bold touch to an otherwise plain decor choice. A copper wall clock really delivers a level of sophistication!

If you’re a traditionalist and like simple design ideas that include black, white and grey tones that work well in any setting, then we have some excellent monochrome clocks that may just inspire your classic colour palette needs. Throw in some stainless steel, chrome or even cork components and you’ve got a modern clock ready to hang up on the wall or place on a side table! A pop of colour on the metal hands is an interesting detail that can make a big difference if you want to add to your monochrome clock. White clock with black details, or black clock with white details, whichever way you style it, it’s a great choice for wall clocks and mantel clocks alike. The black and white combination of wall clocks from the likes of Thomas Kent means that they can work well with all kinds of different decor scenarios, meaning you can invest in your favourite sleek monochrome clock and change up your decor however you like!

Clocks are the perfect opportunity to invite colour into your home. Pops of colour can really liven up a space, and a chosen accent colour can be coordinated with other homeware accessories for a truly pulled together home interiors finish. Whether you’re after a berry red wall clock to match the cushions in the lounge, or a pink clock to go well in a kids playroom, there’s many ways to play with the colourful clock options we have available online. The ever so popular mint green retro wall clock from brand Wild & Wolf would look fantastic placed in kitchens or study areas due to it’s classic look. A full colour wall clock can be a striking addition to any room!

Mix it up with a square or rectangle clock that can bring a totally different look to the classic clock design. A square wall clock is especially on trend, whilst the square alarm clocks are already an established and popular accessory option. Keeping the inner circle the same, or in colour, and the outer square edge in different coloured metal, creates a smart looking clock option that offers a look of sophistication.

After reading through our clock styling guide with our top recommendations and favourite clock styles we’re sure that you’ll agree that our clock department hosts an impressive variety of designs! From classic circular wall clocks to square wall clocks, spherical alarm clocks to vibrant, eye catching clocks as decorative items, if you’re a fan of minimalism or bold statement making accessories for your home, look no further than Black By Design.

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