How To Use Lighting To Create Ambience In Your Home

Did you know that the way you choose to light your home can have an impact on the overall feel of the atmosphere? From calming lights in the bedroom to encourage a good nights sleep, to bright lighting in the bathroom to evoke thoughts of cleanliness; we associate different kinds of light with various situations and emotions. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the ideal opportunity to discover new ways to add ambience to your home for a calming, romantic environment, suitable for a cosy night in with your significant other. Whether you’re already a mood lighting aficionado, or would like to learn how simply adding (or removing) a few lights can make a big difference on a daily basis, there are many elements to consider when looking to improve the ambience in your home.

Here at Black By Design we offer many different lighting solutions for the home that can be used to inspire a perfect atmosphere, so read ahead for our best tips on how to create ambience in your home.

Using lighting to create ambience in your home

Lighting is a key way to boost the ambience in your home, no matter what the room is. The trick to creating the perfect mood lighting is to think about lowering the light levels to evoke a sense of relaxation and intimacy. There can be various lighting in the room to highlight different zones, but focus on soft lighting rather than large scale pendant lighting. A wonderful way to add to the relaxed atmosphere is to focus on candles and the placement of them around the room, though remember to never leave a burning candle unattended!

Choosing the perfect lamp

A couple of lamps dotted around the room can actually change the feel of the space, and it’s especially evident in lounges; instead of having the main pendant light on, which will provide a large scale illumination, lamps will deliver an alternative soft glow. If your interior design love includes a preference for statement lighting, you’ll no doubt enjoy the selection of designer lamps from Vita Copenhagen which are the epitome of Danish design. Add some accent colours and textures with their copper or feather lampshades that come in contemporary tripod floor lamps or pendant shades. Place a tripod floor lamp in a window space where natural light would enter the room, or stand it behind the sofa so you can benefit from a soft glow without the light in your eyeline.

A coloured or metallic lampshade will ensure that the actual light bulb loses some of its light strength, which is good when we’re trying to create the right ambience. Choose an interesting lampshade that has cut out sections or a textured surface as this will be reflected in the light that it throws out. For example, the bestselling Vita Copenhagen Eos feather lampshade and modern metallic tripod lamp will display interesting patterns onto the nearby wall due to the style of the lampshade itself.

Relax by candlelight

A romantic date night at home calls for a lovely candle lit dinner, and we’ve got some wonderful candle stick holders that you can work into your table setting to work as a great centrepiece for your feast. Fans of the traditional candlestick holder will love the sleek, modern design update of the Reflection candle holders from Stelton that are available in black, brass or mirrored finishes. Use a couple of the Stelton candlestick holders in the same finish for a coordinated way to accessorise a table, or utilise multiple candles in one candle holder for more light. Turn the big lights off and enjoy the calming atmosphere that flickering candle light provides. All that’s left to add is a small vase of beautiful flowers and the table is ready!

Storm lanterns are an excellent way to dress up a plain pillar candle and can add a decorative touch to a room, even when the candle isn’t lit. Our storm lanterns come in an appealing range of different designs, from simple plain glass for minimal look, or a mix of materials featuring glass, steel and ash wood. A lit candle, or an ultra safe LED candle, placed inside a storm lantern can be the perfect welcome positioned on a console table in a hallway or placed on a coffee table. Creating an inviting atmosphere is where the true relaxation can start; leave your worries at the door and take sanctuary in your home. The decoration that storm lanterns provide offers an aesthetically pleasing presence, wherever you decide to place them.

LED lighting

It’s possible to accessorise your home with additional decorative lighting that will create subtle but noticeable change in the atmosphere. A more mature take on fairy lights is the wonderful LED garland lights in cotton ball designs from Sirius which can be placed in a multitude of places in the home, such as on top of the mantlepiece, around bed frames or along the top of a window. These garland lights give a lovely soft glow and will add a touch of Scandinavian charm to your home whilst offering a comfortable light option when you’re looking for a more intimate atmosphere.

We hope that you’ve gained some mood lighting inspiration and considered our favourite ways to add ambience to your home from this helpful lighting guide. From candles, garland lights and low lighting, there’s many steps you can consider to add that all important atmosphere to your everyday evening chill out time or romantic night in. Take a look at our complete designer lighting department here at Black By Design for some fabulous lighting options for your home.

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