How To Update Your Garden For Summer

Getting the most out of summer often means turning towards your home and garden and focusing on how to enjoy the space available to you. Whether you’re planning some family BBQ’s or simply wanting to get in some sunbathing time, your garden is a special place that evolves with the seasons to accommodate your needs. Today at Black By Design we’re taking a look at how to update your garden for summer with some fantastically designed outdoor products available on site and in store.

Create a relaxation zone

No matter the size of your outdoor area, you should be able to create different ‘zones’ dedicated to particular features such as flower beds and a space to relax. Spending more time outdoors in the summer is a given, and with this comes the need for a beautiful relaxation zone in your back garden where you can while away the summer days and evenings, alone or with family and friends. Add to the ambience of a late summer evening with loved ones by investing in a fire pit as the perfect way to end a night by toasting marshmallows together!

Our range of outdoor tables and chairs feature some fabulous garden furniture options to suit most settings, from traditional to more contemporary. Whether you’d like an intimate set of bistro table and chairs, or something larger to accommodate more people, the garden furniture from Garden Trading offers a whole host of choice. The chic Rive Droite Garden Trading table and chairs sets (available in charcoal, blue and clay colours) are simple to fold and store, making them wonderful for getting out in the sunshine and dining al fresco if you’re searching for easy to store garden furniture. Larger, rattan furniture is ideal for optimum comfort during the summer season, providing the perfect place to put your feet up with a book during the sunny weather.

Iluminate features

An aspect of ‘decorating’ a garden which is often overlooked is the importance of good outdoor lighting. With well designed exterior lights, you can achieve visually appealing garden decoration with the added benefit of safety by improving visibility in your patio or decking areas. Outdoor wall lights are a good idea when considering how to update your garden for summer, as they will work perfectly all year round to improve the look of your outdoor area. Traditional outdoor wall lights in vintage inspired lantern styles or box wall lights are ideal for illuminating special garden features or simply as a way to highlight doorways or edges of the garden. Opt for galvanised steel or matte black finishes for a sophisticated appearance for your external lights.

Another way to introduce light to your garden this summer is with Danish designed candle holders in beautiful glass lantern styles which can be installed directly into the ground. Arrange several of the stylish Atmo candle holders from Blomus around the garden and patio area for a welcoming glow and to create a relaxing ambience outdoors. The wooden stake can be driven into the grass areas and the candle lit manually, which will be protected from wind by the glass lantern. Simple in design, yet offers very beautiful results.

Add garden accessories

A simple way to update your garden for summer is to add some decorative garden accessories. Bird watchers or those wanting to invite local wildlife into their garden can provide some much needed help to birds with the Green & Blue bird feeders that also offer a distinctive decorative touch to the garden. The weather proof bird feeders made from slipcast in clay and finished with stainless steel wire and tree protector have been designed to help small birds feed easier! Choose your favourite colour Green & Blue bird feeder from terracotta, grey, blue, mushroom and white for a functional yet stylish looking garden accessory.

Greenfingered garden lovers will no doubt know how to spot a good planter to suit their topiary and floral needs, which is where the fantastically rustic wooden planters from Garden Trading come into play. The elegantly tapered or square handcrafted planters from Garden Trading are ideal for planting dwarf trees or shrubs and can be placed in pairs either side of doorways for a great accessory addition to your outdoor area. Designed to weather naturally, the wooden planters will certainly make a statement on any terrace or patio area.

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine this summer with Black By Design, and be inspired by our garden accessories and garden lighting ideas to create your own outdoor sanctuary!

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