Snuggle Up: Winter Homeware Essentials

What’s the first thing that you do when you get home during winter? Maybe it’s turning on the heating or checking the slow cooker for your evening meal, maybe you switch on the oven or collapse in front of the television whilst kicking off your shoes. With the inevitable dark and cold, it’s easy to dread the season change, so why not turn the appeal of coming home from work in the dark into a positive experience by focusing on ways to enhance the cosy feel of your home during... Read More


Striking Clocks For Your Home

When it comes to styling your home with those essential items, it can be easy to overlook the possible decorative opportunites that the humble clock can offer. If you’re looking for a feature wall clock that will act as a focal point for a room, there are so many designer clock options available that will fit right in with your existing decor. We’re embracing the latest in clock designs here at Black By Design and want to share with you our top picks from our clocks department to give you... Read More

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A Guide To The Perfect Autumn Night In

Where there was once warm, light evenings that meant after-work drinks, al fresco dinner in the back garden and no knitwear in sight, there is now an imposing chill in the air and we’re considering our plans for winter hibernation. At Black By Design we have some stylish homeware pieces that will add to your relaxed evenings at home and bring a sense of ‘hygge’ that will last from autumn through to winter time. So, shut the door, kick your shoes off and join us with our guide to the... Read More


Stylish Pet Accessories

At Black By Design we understand that our much loved pets become part of the family. They provide plenty of enjoyment, comfort and unconditional love over their lifetime – not to mention their fair share of minor frustrations! Being a pet owner can be one of the greatest, most rewarding roles we choose to take on, and we have the power to treat our special friends and improve their quality of life. With this in mind, we stock some wonderful pet accessories that we think you will love. From feeding... Read More

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A Guide To Outdoor Accessories

We’ve been enjoying the sunshine lately, but we’ve also had the realisation that our gardens need a little prep to get them more habitable during the warmer days. By using outdoor lighting and garden accessories, we can transform our outdoor spaces. Invest in some garden furniture and garden accessories to create a welcoming environment that offers practicality and style in abundance. Read on for the Black By Design guide on how to get your garden ready for summer, with some takeaway exterior design inspiration that you can recreate in your... Read More

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Decorating Inspiration: Summer Fresh

With every new season comes new homeware trends, and there are plenty of fresh ways to mix up the look of your home and outdoor spaces as we enjoy the warmer season of summer. From introducing new furniture to adding some home accessories, there’s ways of bringing the influence of the summer season indoors. If you’re looking for summer decorating ideas, then look no further at this guide we’ve put together to help you get the most out of the sunnier season. Brighten up the colour palette An easy way... Read More

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How To Makeover: A Small Apartment

(Image credit: Kari Shea) It’s often difficult to feel inspired by a small living space if all you can see are the restrictions that it could bring. If knocking down walls to combine rooms into an open plan layout (ergo, creating a sense of a larger space) isn’t an option due to renting, we’ve taken a look at how to makeover a small apartment to give you some ideas. At Black By Design we like to offer practical advice for our customers and to provide some home design inspiration –... Read More


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The usual flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day are lovely yet can be predictable and often seen as impersonal, especially if you’ve been with your partner a number of years! A thoughtful homeware gift for your shared home is a great idea as you can tailor your gift to suit their personality and passions. At Black By Design we’ve put together a convenient Valentine’s Day gift guide to suit all tastes. Gifts to suit all Our range of gifts for wine lovers includes beautiful wine goblets, champagne flutes and other... Read More

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Bathroom & Bedroom Accessories: A Guide

Here at Black By Design we stock some excellently designed furniture and homeware accessories from premium international brands. Our designer bedroom and bathroom homeware products are perfect for creating and developing your own home interiors style. Whether you’re decorating your bathroom for the first time, or looking for some simple ways to update it, at Black By Design you’re bound to find something to add to your homeware to-get list. Indulge in some designer bath linen and towels which is an easy way to upgrade a bathroom with minimal effort.... Read More